I’m Pregnant! – A Wonderful Gift from God

For this boy I prayed, and the LORD has given me my petition which I asked of Him. “So I have also dedicated him to the LORD; as long as he lives he is dedicated to the LORD.” And he worshiped the LORD there. – 1 Samuel 1:27

Pregnancy is a special moment in a woman’s life, at least, for me it’s really special – it’s nerve-wrecking and at the same time exciting. You do not know what’s going on inside you – you’re growing a life! Thankfully, thanks to pregnancy hormones, it’s also the time where your senses became most sharp, you feel more instead of seeing; you can feel and marvel at what’s going on in you that you can’t see. Isn’t it amazing?!

This pregnancy also draws me closer to God. I can really feel that He’s with me at every step and milestone of the pregnancy and assuring me – He knows how anxious I can get, and what a worrier I am.

Okay, we had a miscarriage last year, sometime in September 2015. Tears came as I thought about it. It was one of the most excruciating moment of my life. I prayed to God and put my faith in him in order to pull myself through the loss. God was merciful and good to us, after the loss, he restores my tiresome body from years of being a workaholic and made it even better than before to prepare me for the motherhood to come soon after.

Melvin and I were delighted and surprised beyond words when we found out I was pregnant again earlier this year in Feb 2016! Hallelujah!

Took 2 pregnancy tests at home but as the 2nd line was really faint, I wasn’t 100% sure if I’m really pregnant, plus, it was just 1 day past my menses due date. 
And so, the next day I went to Watson and got this $20+ (very ex! I know, but I needed to be sure!) Clearblue digital pregnancy test, which amazingly was also able to estimate my conception dates. It says that I’m pregnant for 2-3weeks already! Okay… now, we can call and make a doctor’s appointment. 

Hubby booked the doctor’s appointment for me, pulling his strings within his medicine friends to find “the best” female gynae he could in NUH for me. (There’s another story why he prefers NUH, which I would elaborate in the future when I have the chance). Thus, we enrolled as private patients at NUH and saw Dr Anupriya who confirmed my pregnancy after a transvaginal ultrasound (this is why I insisted I must have a female doctor!).

IMG-20160304-WA0000 (1)1st picture of our little one @ 6 weeks 5 days. Looking at this finally was able to convinced myself that I’m really a pregger now!

Dr Anu was slightly worried about my pregnancy due to my previous miscarriage which was only about 3 months before this pregnancy, hence she ordered for me to come back for another checkup in 2 weeks time to confirm the viability of this pregnancy. I’m thankful for her thoughtfulness, I’d rather be back to see the baby again on the ultrasound machine than to be worrying about whether it will grow healthily in my bedroom.

IMG-20160318-WA0002 (2)

Peek-a-boo at our little bb at 8w+4d of gestation. Look! BB has growth so much from the beanie 2 weeks ago 😀 Now we can see the outline of bb’s head and body!

Version 2

Thank you Daddy God for your divine protection and blessing! Our pregnancy was confirmed to be a viable one at the 8 weeks scan as Dr. Anu was able to detect the strong thumping from BB’s heart! The sound of BB’s heart beating is indescribable – making me a really super happy mummy to be!!

Dr. Anu was very encouraging, and she mentioned that upon detecting the bb’s heart rate at 8 weeks, the chance miscarrying will be reduced to less than 10%. As such, we only need to come back again for the 12weeks scan to check for chromosomal anomaly (aka. down syndrome test). I was really elated to hear the good news, the thought of another miscarriage again was unthinkable – sends chills down my spine! I prayed to God everyday to keep my bb safe and only He could really comfort me. Amen. 

IMG-20160411-WA0004 (2)

I love the 12 weeks scan ultrasound photo! We can see a full body shot of our precious little one 😀 BB’s beginning to look more and more human! 😀 I’ve marvelled at this picture for days and weeks!

Praise the Lord! Melvin and I couldn’t stop grinning as the Sonographer conducts the 12 weeks scan. Our bb even waved hands at us! How cute! Thankfully, the test result was good, and bb does not have any chromosomal anomaly (No down syndrome, THANK YOU DADDY GOD FOR YOU PROTECTION AND GRACE!!) Dr Anu confirmed we have safely past our first trimester, and scheduled me back again 4 weeks later for the 16 weeks scan. (Too long… how I wish I have a ultrasound machine at home for me to stare at bb everyday!) Of course, I wasn’t exempted from the usual morning sickness, fatigue, constipation and backaches but who cares, yeahhhh, I really can’t thank God enough for his protection for a smooth transition into the 2nd trimester!

Week 16 consultation wasn’t such a pleasant one for me, my mood was bad (let’s blame it on the pregnancy hormones). I was initially excited to see my little one and went to the clinic really early with hubby and MIL. Was told we could find out the little one’s gender at 16weeks. However, it didn’t turned out the way we wanted. Dr Anu did a brief scan, but too bad bb was lying faced down/ inwards with legs crossed. As such, Dr Anu wasn’t able to tell us the gender. Not only that, she didn’t even let me listen to bb’s heartbeat… she just said “Everything looks good and fine, I’ll see you in 6 weeks time next”, and rushed off to attend to some operations or something (I heard her conversation briefly over the phone). She didn’t even give me a picture of my bb this time!!! (super disappointed!) While I understand that gynae had to attend emergencies more often than not, but the feeling of being brushed off rubs me kinda badly. Perhaps she had been quite patient and attentive with me for the past 3 consultations, therefore this short 4th consultation left a bad taste in my mouth – let’s blame the pregnancy hormones , as I’d like to think I’m usually quite reasonable and less emotional. Haha! Never mind, on the positive note, let’s still thank God that it’s nonetheless a problem-free check up!

And so, 6 weeks seemed to CRAWLED by… so slowly!!! I wanted to see bb so badly that the 6 weeks waiting time seem like forever to me! Finally on 17 June, we went for our 21 weeks 5 days scan – a more detail one to check for structural well-being of the bb. The 21 weeks scan, similar to the 12 weeks scan, was done by a sonographer instead of the gynae themselves, perhaps because they were more “detailed” scans, and require specialised skills. Anyway, being the worrier, I prayed for an experienced sonographer that will be able to conduct the scan smoothly – and true enough God arranged one for us! I was impressed at how the sonographer was able to identify different parts of our baby’s organs, i.e. kidneys, liver, stomach, bones, muscles, blood vessels, the four chambers of the heart etc… from what seem like a pool of black stuff to us on the ultrasound screen! She said that one needs to study for 6 years before they can become a sonographer, and after that look at ultrasound for years to be able to spot them easily! I’m really impressed by her skills! bb was also cooperative for the scan and stayed relatively still for the scan with occasional waving of  hands and kicks. Everything looks great and normal! Thank God! And finally, the moment we have been waiting for – gender determination!


It’s a boy ! Heeeheee… mummy loves u my little man 😀

The sonographer showed us a little boy’s part on the screen, and even zoomed for us to make sure he definitely inherited his daddy’s male part to make him a little man! It’s a boy! 

IMG_20160617_152151 (1)

Our sonographer was really nice and took a 4D picture of our BB for us at 21w5d. Our dear little one, you have ur daddy’s face shape 😀  Daddy and Mummy were so happy we get to see you today and to see that you’re growing so well!

We thank God that you’re growing stronger with each passing day! Doctor says you became shy after we saw your ‘little man part’ and started to use your hands to cover your face when we tried to take photo of you. It’s ok, mummy really loves you and we’re looking forward to see you on your birthday in October! 😀

Actually, it doesn’t matter to us if it were a boy or girl, we just wish for the baby to be a (1) healthy one with no anomaly, and to grow well in the woob with healthy structural development, a proportional body and good skin (his dad had good skin genes, please grab that gene bb!), (2) good brain development with a sound mind that can absorb wisdom coupled with a kind and humble heart to serve God, and lastly (3) good looks – at least must be pleasant looking and 人见人爱 😀

We’ve decided to name our baby:

Matthew Seng 辛恩泽

Little Matthew, here’s how we’ve come to decide this name for you, and we hope you like it as much as we do 😀

Meaning of “Matthew”
English form of Ματθαιος (Matthaios), which was a Greek form of the Hebrew name מַתִּתְיָהוּ (Mattityahu) meaning “gift of YAHWEH”.  – Matthew, you are our precious gift from God, and we want you to remember that God is your father in heaven and he gave you your life, so live well and live life to fullest to glorify our heavenly father – God will always be with you!
Okay, I wanted to keep the post short, but I was too excited about little Matthew and went on babbling… Nonetheless, a very happy mummy-to-be I am! 😀
Praise the Lord!

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