D-day is coming! Third Trimester coming to an end…

Time flew by, and I’m already 37 weeks in my pregnancy! Again, I have to thank God for taking care of me and my little Matthew thus far – you are our Rock, our strength and our shield!

Here’s a 2D Ultrasound of Matthew from week 32 growth scan. It’s getting increasingly difficult to scan him into the 2D screen as he grows bigger and bigger every day… But it’s okay, I’m happy to just know that you’re growing well and healthy and I look forward to seeing you on your birthday my little precious one.


Hello my little one at 32weeks😀 Daddy wanna me to put his baby photo beside your scan to show off that how much u take after him 😀 Mummy love your chubby cheeks, you were skinner at 21 weeks scan, happy to know you’re growing chubbier as the weeks get by !

We did a lot of things in this third trimester, even though my body grew increasingly heavier, and I begin to move much slower compared to Trimester 2. But, guess the maternal instinct and excitement of a first time mum really keeps me going and keeps me active during this period.

We decorated Matthew’s room – not a elaborated one, but one that’s filled with love from mummy and daddy 🙂 I got some cute wall decals from Etsy to fill up the room with colours and make it more like a “baby nest”.


Dear Matthew, we hope you like the room daddy & mummy prepared for you.

Besides working on the nursery, we also went for maternity photoshoots 😀 It’s the first time I bare so much skin in photos… haha! Well, for the memory… I shall not be shy about my fats and be proud that I’m blessed enough to go experience this wonderful journey of pregnancy.

Some unedited photos below … heeeheee… Bambini gave us a good deal and our photographer Melissa was really nice and patient with us. Directing 2 robots to look natural in front of the camera isn’t really an easy job. But we love the photos (though these weren’t edited yet).


I’m sure every pregnant mummy would have their own anxieties as they faces the changes in their body, and worrying about the unknown of what the future may brings regarding child birth and kids up-bringing. I had my moments too, somedays, my thoughts would go astray and I became so paranoid and panic about “what ifs” … I guess worrying is part of parenthood. Thank God I’ve a God to turn to when I’m in fear and irrational anxieties…

I love the poem wrote by Pastor Charles Tan at our service today. I thought I’ll just note it down here to serve as a constant reminder to myself to not be a paranoid mum, and that God have everything in perfect control, and all will be well!

I WILL BE WITH YOU (by Pastor Charles Tan @ Bethany Independent Presbyterian Church, Singapore)

There are trials in life that seem like flood-waters,
Dangers abound, and the Enemy gives no quarters
Fear surges and the heart is nearly overwhelmed, 
Who can fathom the despair? Who can understand?

The Lord draws close and He speaks a word of comfort dear,
"Fear not... I will be with you; there is really nothing to fear!
There will be storms but I will calm the angry seas. 
There will be danger, but let your heart be at ease!"

The servant of the Lord lifts up his eyes and to see His face,
But the dark clouds seem to hide His glorious grace!
The servant lifts up his faith and dwells on the LORD,
He is near as he has promised. He is a faithful God!

The waters will not harm; nor will the fire destroy,
The only thing it will burn away is sin's dread alloy!
There is indeed no need to give in to our foolish fears!
The Lord's promise of His Presence will yet bring cheer!


Indeed, there is really no need to give in our our foolish fears, for the Lord will be with us! Amen!


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