My labour experience – arrival of our precious little one!

Started on this draft a month ago… but only had time to complete it and post now…

While Matty is “sunbathing” in the hospital (aka. phototherapy for his Jaundice), I am stealing some time for myself, and to blog down my experience with giving birth down. It was too agonising, but too beautiful to be left unrecorded.

How it all begins…

It was a usual Friday evening while I was watching K-drama and waiting for hubby to return from work. Went to the bathroom and then that’s how it all started…

14 October, Friday:
– 2330: First sign of mucus plug (brownish)

15 October, Saturday:
– 0130: Woke up in the middle of the night with mild contraction pains, it felt like mensus pain with interval of 15-20mins.

  • 0230: Mild contractions became more frequent with interval of average of 8mins.
  • 0600: Contractions grew more intense with interval of average 5mins, but it isn’t those paralysing pain. Called NUH delivery suite and they asked me about pain score (which I gave 2/10). The midwife advised me to stay at home for the moment as she did not think my labour has been established yet since I haven’t felt too much of the pain yet. She asked me to call again when my contractions grew more frequent, or, either my water bag burst, sighting of fresh blood… Otherwise, there’s a high chance of me being sent back home if labour hasn’t been established yet.
  • 0930: Contractions average every 3mins. Called NUH again and they told me to come in since 3mins consistent for 2 hours is quite a good sign labour is likely to established already.
  • 1200: Admitted into NUH delivery ward with 3min or less contractions but doc check dilation only at 1.5cm (😭😭😭) despite the frequency! So the doctor as well as our gynae friend, Dr Abhi asked me to walk around and climb stairs to hasten things up since I’m having very frequent contractions (pain score 3/10)
  • 1500: Pain became more intense at 4/10, asked for oxygen gas and thigh injection pain relieve because cervix remained at 1.5cm and I think I’m almost at my limit (which obviously I don’t know where my limit was, yet…).
  • 1800: This wave of pain became even more intense (7/10), with my contraction scales going off the chart, and the gas and injection became rather useless. Dilation finally hit 3cm, so injection of epidural!

TO MY HORROR! Epidural didn’t really worked well with me due to my previous back problem. So the bottom half of my body only partially numbed, my right side can feel almost the full intensity of the contraction pain and my left side felt nothing at all. No choice, told the mid wife and she asked me to try and bear with it for as long as possible as she doesn’t want to me to get too much drugs. The Anaesthetist told me he already gave me 20% more drug per dosage more than they would administer to a normal delivering mum.

16 October, Sunday:
– 0030: I thought I was going to die already to the painful contractions on my “Un-numbed” side which made me breathless. The womb contracts from my ribs down and I can’t even breathe in the Oxygen gas they forced down on me … (can’t breathe due to the pain caused by contractions close to rib or diaphragm, I’m not sure which is which.) Pain was 11/10.

  • 0100: Anaesthetist came and gave me strong dosage of epidural (max limit he can give, 20% higher than normal again and shorten than frequent frequency he allow me to press the epidural button). Pain was gone after a while. I think I must have pressed the button like 8 times or more to increase the dosage…
  • 0200: Due to the higher volume of epidural I got in a short period of time, I start developing a fever. Shivering and shaking… drowsy and unable to move both legs..
  • 0500: Fever still 38.8 degree. But fully dilated and baby head is down low… Fetal heart rate at 170-180+ …Anaesthetist did warn risk of fetal distress due to my high fever and might potentially need to go to c-sec to be safe.
  • 0545: My gynae Dr Citra and her midwife team spoke to me and decided to give it a try to attempt normal virginal birth.

After an hour of pushing, bb Matthew was finally out!!!!!!
Thanks NUH gynae and team of midwife and sisters team 👏👏👏

Most importantly, Thank God for his grace!!! I wouldn’t have done it otherwise! Praise the Lord!


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