Matthew’s (1st) Full Month Party (满月)!

This is a long overdue post, Matt Matt’s already past his 4th month birthday yesterday! Here I am delaying this post until now.

We didn’t want a 1month party for Matthew initially, however because he’s the first grandson for both the paternal and maternal grandparents, and first great grandson for my grandmother-in-law, we decided to hold a party to celebrate with our loved ones, friends and family.

I find it really expensive to engage a vendor to do up the deco (ps: just setting up a simple dessert table alone would amount to 400$ from some quotes I got online). Hence, I decided to DIY with the help of many lovely friends of ours 😀

Here’s a pic-story about the event – featuring the amazing friends of ours who loved our son as their own 😀

We booked the function room by the pool at my Aunt’s condo @ The Tessarina. It was a cozy place with a spacious function hall, an attached TV lounge area and a private room beside it. It was big enough to hold the 70+ guests that came that day. Led by Matt’s God Papa Junhong, the crew started working on the deco as early as 3pm (our event actually starts at 5.30pm). They were an amazing crew – allow me to boast : we have 3 national shooters – Junhong, Zhangjin & Peishan, one lawyer engineer – soon leong, one KPMG Consultant – Yueqiu, one doctor – Alfred to help out with the decorations! With such an professional team, how can it not be a BOMB!?!

Here’s the result:

Looks professionally set up isn’t it?!

Wanna know where I get all my items for that day? Here’s an run down of it:

Catering – We chose ChilliApi Catering as it was highly recommended by our friends, and it’s Halal, so our muslim friends can take them too. We didn’t use their Baby Shower Package because we find that it’s not really worth it to get them to do up the red eggs and ang ku kuehs for us, better off dying the eggs red by ourselves and getting the angkukuehs at fraction of the price from the market. We preferred to get more dishes instead, hence we chose their Contemporary Ala-Carte Menu. We received many good comments about the food, even my picky parents found them good!

Door gift – I thought I’d like to give something different from the traditional egg, sticky rice, and angkukueh set. Hence, I chose something I personally like, believing that my guests would enjoy them as well – so I went ahead with Jara Petit Cheesecups. We chose their Jars Package and it came with free announcement cards too! Must said it’s quite nicely done up, and of course immensely delicious that some of our guests asked me where can they get them, or if they could get more from us! There were a few flavours to choose from, I recommend Milo and Smores. We got all flavours and found those 2 to be the most popular ones among our guests.


Fondant Cake – We got the 2-tiered fondant cake from a home-baker mum. My nanny recommends her. Her price were reasonable and she even offer reduced sugar options. My aunt who’s diabetic loves it! Her designs were not as fancy as the commercial ones, but it’s thumbs up for the taste! Interested mummies can get her contact by private messaging me 😀


Dessert table – My superb confinement nanny baked like 80 chocolate cream muffins for us (love her to the moon and back!). I also got mini tiramisu from Tiramisu Hero. I also got the paper tiered dessert trays from sweetest moments at $5.90 each (so cheap!). Angkukuehs were from a bakery beside a market, and we boiled and dyed those red eggs ourselves.

Decorations – Basically, I gotten all the paper tassels, balloons and hanging stars, ribbons, etc from Q0010, and spent less than $100 for all of them.

Baby Shower e-invitation – I forgotten which website (you can just google free invitation card for baby shower, there’re tonnes of them), but I got the template online and design it online for free! (Budget mummy). Sent this e-invitation via whatsapp to our friends and family.


Now, here’s some photos of the event taken by my good friend Phyo:

Tadahhh!… Who says you can’t have an amazing party without burning a hole in your pocket? When you have amazing friends like this, you can have one that’s awesome, fun-filled, love-filled and full of smiles and laughters!

BIG THANK YOU for everyone that attend and helped out at the party of Matthew’s one month celebration. Lotsa love and kisses to you!


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